Intro to Robotics

In this introduction to robotics workshop, we introduce basic robotics concepts, computer programming and robotic construction.

1 Week Workshop, $1,800

Instructor: Kathy Sinclair

Starting in 2004, Kathy was an engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where she worked in aviation researching collision avoidance algorithms for aircraft. She was part of the team that won the Robert Collier Trophy for excellence in aviation in America. She then segued her aviation expertise and moved to the aerospace division at the Lincoln Laboratory where she researched and tracked space debris. In 2014 Kathy read Neil Gershenfeld’s book, Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop-from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication”, and she applied to take his infamous “How to Make (almost) Anything” course at the MIT Media Lab. Since then Kathy has been studying additive manufacturing techniques and planning on opening a fab lab. To prepare at MIT she pursued classes and workshops in design, invention, science, technology and the technical and fine arts at MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts College of Art and elsewhere.

In 2017, Kathy left her job at MIT as a space systems engineer to pursue lifelong dreams of attending art school and living abroad. She moved with her young family to the Greek Island of Paros where she attended The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts for Spring and Fall of 2017 where she studied oil painting, drawing, creative writing, photography, poetry, literature, art history, theatre, book craft and Greek dance. The healing powers of the Aegean sea took hold and she decided Paros is the perfect place to open a fab lab.

In 2018 Kathy opened the Aegean Idea Lab on Paros to create entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology training for Paros residents and students studying abroad. The Aegean Idea Lab is also a community mindful maker space for Paros Island.

Kathy received degrees in computer science, engineering, & computer information systems from Smith College, the University of Michigan and Dartmouth College and is also a certified yoga instructor.

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