Basic Photography

The fundamental parameters of still photography are explored: framing and composition, depth of field and shutter speed, focus.

Naoussa clouds-fishermen-landscape-adam-czarnowski-wedding-photographer-paros

Students are shown through their work with a basic camera what the problems are in taking a good photo and how to overcome them.

Through looking at each others work and the work of great photographers students are guided into how to master technical and skill difficulties in order to start producing exciting, elegant and fully realised images of their own.

No prior experience is necessary, but we strongly suggest that students bring a good digital camera which allows manual control of aperture and shutter speed, in order to get the full benefits of this course.


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Instructor: Adam Czarnowski

Adam Czarnowski was educated at Christ’s Hospital, read English Literature at University College London (AS Byatt was his tutor) and Intellectual History, Comparative Literature and American Fiction at Dartmouth College, NH.

After studying TEFL at International House, Picadilly, he taught English in Athens, Barcelona, Paris and London.

He has been involved creatively in the Arts since he was 16. A work he did at 17 is in the collection of the Tate Modern, as are experimental videos in another national archive.

Fascinated by cinema and music since his teens, he plays the piano badly, has a near exhaustive knowledge of classical music and rock (he was a vinyl dealer for twenty years) is a friend of several world-famous pianists and has a love of world cinema and cinematography. An accomplished photographer, he works with professionals on the island, as well as writing English texts for Paros Pages and other Greek websites.

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