Semester Study

We are now accepting applications for Spring and Fall 2019.

In our study abroad programs, we offer students the following courses to study during our Fall and Spring terms.  Our study abroad program includes accommodation, daily yoga and meditation sessions, and weekly excursions around Paros and other Greek Islands.

3D Printing and 3D Design

In this course students are introduced to Computer Aided Design software. Students are shown a variety of software packages to design and realize their inventions. Student work is then printed on our 3D printer. Calibration and use of the 3D printer is explored. 3D scanning software is also discussed and students are given the option to design and build their own 3D scanner. Students have access to the school’s 3D printer throughout the semester.

2D and 3D Design with Lasers

In this course students are introduced to the laser cutter for designing scalable and rapid prototypes. A variety of 2D design software packages are used and the importance of reusable parameters and proper machine calibration explored. The students have access to the laser cutter and materials throughout the entire course.

Web Application Development

Students are shown the importance of version control, collaborating with others and some basic tenets of web application development. All students will be given their own website to document and record their work throughout the semester.

How to Make (Almost) Anything

This course encompasses many of the other courses and provides an overview of design methodology, 2D Design, 3D Design, 3D printing, Laser cutting, electronics production, large format machining, hardware and software programming, input and output sensors, motors, website design and computer aided design software. This course is based on Neil Gershenfeld’s How to Make (almost) Anything course at the MIT Media lab. We provide an overview of all of the machines in the lab, a history of digital fabrication and the advantages of additive vs. subtractive machining. Students will use skills gleaned in this course to bring their inventions and ideas to life.

The Invention Process

What if you were able to follow a formula to innovate and discover richer and better ideas? This course explores the process inventors use to iterate on better solutions.

Meditation and Yoga

Daily meditation and yoga sessions will be offered both at the school and offsite at a healing yoga center. At the Aegean Idea Lab we believe in educating the whole self so each day the students will be offered an opportunity to take a class that enriches their body, mind, and spirit.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This 8 week course given by a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (M.B.S.R.) teacher follows Jon Kabat-Zinn’s course at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society (at the University of Massachusetts Medical School).  Techniques in this course will teach students how to live more fully and meaningfully in every aspect of their lives. Clinical research shows a decrease in pain, a decrease in physical and psychological symptoms, changes in brain regions related to certain cognitive functions, and change in quality of life after completion of this program. This is an experiential course designed to help experience the present moment more fully. Audio recordings, readings, a weekly lesson and a guided silent retreat are included in this life changing course.

 Classical Music Appreciation and Vinyl

The perception that classical music is complex, hard to understand and boring, only for anoraks, is ruthlessly examined. Through examination of some of the rarest recordings of the 20th century students sensibilities are exposed to different kinds of music making in an effort to see what makes us respond emotionally to recorded sound. Depending on the musical ability of the class, we can look at sonata and fugue form, the structuring of classical music, and why one performance of a piece can be electric and another one deeply dull.

Basic Photography

The fundamental parameters of still photography are explored: framing and composition, depth of field and shutter speed, focus. Students are shown through their work with a basic camera what the problems are in taking a good photo and how to overcome them. Through looking at each others work and the work of great photographers students are guided into how to master technical and skill difficulties in order to start producing exciting, elegant and fully realized images of their own. No prior experience is necessary, but we strongly suggest that students bring a good digital camera which allows manual control of aperture and shutter speed, in order to get the full benefits of this course.

World Cinema

Students will study in detail some of the masterworks of world cinema, with special attention to the work of the director and cinematographer.

Creative Writing

What do we mean by creative? What makes writing creative? Following the underlying assumption that if you don’t understand something properly you can’t do it.  We examine the basics of prose and poetry, of metaphors and discursive writing, of what constitutes style, of what makes some writing clumsy and other writing elegant. Students will be encouraged to produce their own writing from week one, but we will look at what problems each writer has and how these might be solved and their writing improved. Students will only need a pen, paper and a brain. Not necessarily in that order.

Unblocking Creativity

This weekly class is based on Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way”.  We work with the daily and weekly exercises in her book to unblock inner creativity.

Greek Cuisine

Students are provided with a culinary tour of Paros and shown where to find and pick the best local ingredients. Students are taken to an organic farm to choose some of their own ingredients. This weekly course provides interactive lessons in Greek cuisine. Students are able to enjoy the products of their labors as they prepare a weekly Greek meal together.

Greek Language and Culture

This weekly course introduces students to basic modern conversational greek and the importance and history of local Greek Culture and traditions.

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