Louise Horn

I met Kathy two years ago in Hydra at a yoga class. We practiced yoga together throughout the summer. At the end of the season as the yoga centre closed, I had expressed my concerns that I was not confident enough to practice yoga by myself through the winter and how much I benefitted from my practice in the summer. I was delighted when Kathy offered me a series of private lessons to help me create my own daily routine. We started with a simple warm up using the techniques of Ayurveda to rotate each body part in sequence to maximize suppleness of our joints. Then we developed a simple routine of basic Hatha poses combined with Vinyasa flow and restorative Yin yoga to improve breathing techniques. I recorded each session. Over the winter I practiced daily and gradually managed to combine all I had learned from Kathy into a perfect routine. The benefits were tremendous. Firstly, just having someone of Kathy’s calibre to instinctively work out where I was at and how to build on it was an effective confidence builder. Secondly, the combination of warm up, flow and yin poses helped me greatly with my patience..to work on one pose, breathing deeper and deeper into stronger positions without losing the correct posture. The voice recordings were great reminders of our actual lessons where I could remember exactly how Kathy had corrected my posture and given me tips to keep my body aligned. Nine years ago I damaged my neck severely. I only began to make any progress when I discovered yoga after 18 months of being paralyzed down my left side and in constant pain. Having Kathy to work out the perfect combination of breath work, poses and flow to maintain muscle strength and suppleness has been a blessing. Kathy is a unique and special lady who not only listens and learns about individual requirements but also has deep rooted understanding and a purely intuitive ability to tune in, support and soothe you. Her soft gentle manner combined with her passion and drive is infectious..she just made me feel so good! I highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants to begin or develop their own practice in yoga. She will guide, support and totally inspire you.
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