We are offering one and two week workshops covering the topics below.

The Invention Workshop

Working from an initial idea we will explore the nuances of using 3D printing for rapid prototyping. The course will provide a history of digital fabrication techniques, an overview of the invention process, iterative design techniques, an introduction to Computer Aided Design and processes for a successful 3D print.

Basic Photography

The fundamental parameters of still photography are explored in this workshop: framing and composition, depth of field and shutter speed, focus.  Students are shown through their work with a basic camera what the problems are in taking a good photo and how to overcome them.

Mindful Maker Retreat

Have you ever taken the time to disconnect from the constant demands of modern life and truly pursue ideas, dreams and passions? This class will allow you to disconnect and immerse yourself in nature and give yourself time to bring your ideas to life.

Family Robotics

We introduce basic robotics concepts, basic programming and robotic construction. We give you and your child plenty of time to slow down and play and reconnect with your kids through robotics.

Intro to Web App Development

Learn the fundamentals of professional web application development.  In our introduction to web application development workshop, we cover topics including how to use git for version control, navigating the command line on Linux, code editors, databases, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and object oriented programming in PHP.

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